Jaime Levy: The Four Tenets of UX Strategy

22 July 2016

Did you miss a session from the phenomenal Jaime Levy, an American UX expert, at Dublin UX Meetup in June? There is no need to be upset, you can catch up on the talk right here.

Learn about efficient UX strategies that bring more value to designers, their clients/employers, and above all the product users. Watch this entertaining video to experience a deep dive into the subject that should matter to all of us.

Jaime discusses why it’s so important to test the value proposition of your product and ask yourself, ‘do your users want this?’. “UX strategy should be approached in a methodical and scientific way”, says Jaime Levy, “otherwise we can figure out too late that our product is not wanted”. She is convinced that UX strategy is a practice that when done ‘empirically’ is a better guarantee of a successful digital product than “just crossing your fingers, designing some wireframes, and then writing a bunch of code”. It’s the method by which you validate that your solution actually solves a problem for real customers in a dynamic marketplace.

Therefore, she created 4 tenets of UX strategy framework, that should lead you to success:

1) Business strategy – beating your competitors

2) Value information – offering a leap value for customers

3) Validated user research – evidence of a needed solution

4) Killer UX design – providing an addictive user experience

If you understand how they interact and affect one another, you are on a good way to craft innovative digital product that people want to use.

Do you want to learn more about Jamie’s UX strategy tenets? Watch the full presentation below