The Most Important Design Jobs of the Future

5 August 2016

As technology has evolved, so too have design jobs in order to fulfil emerging requirements. Design in the print days was difficult enough, but the complexity has increased in recent years. To match this new demand, different design areas have come up: Web Design (2000), Responsive Design (2008), Experience Design (2015). With technology moving faster than ever, who knows where the next years will take us. We’ve put together a list of the design jobs which will influence our future the most.

Return of Industrial Design


The industrial designer will make a comeback in two ways;

Advanced Experience Design (IoT)

Product design is no longer about just designing a tangible product. When machines and products are both connected and intelligent, designers will need to redefine their thought process to design a new hybrid that is both a product and a service.

3D Printing Design Specialist

With the ever increasing advances in 3D printing technology, there should be great opportunities for 3D designers in the future. As Chris Anderson, former Wired editor, is famously quoted as saying, “3D printing will be bigger than the Internet.” Well designers, don’t miss a chance to take an advantage of it.

VR/AR Technologies


Virtual and augmented reality have been around for a while now, but the real revolution is just about to begin;

Virtual Reality Designer

We all hope that the virtual reality of the future will not be just fun,but will bring us a lot of advantages at the same time. If technology for virtual reality evolves, it will open up a demand for designers who can create truly immersive experiences of the virtual world.

Augmented Reality Designer

As we continue to merge the real world with the augmented, this role will become increasingly important in the future. Is there even a need to mention the great hype of Pokémon Go? This trend is very likely to continue and we will need more and more people who know how to create a gateway to the new dimension.

Future DNA “Life” Designers


Our DNA will play an important role in our future, and it goes beyond the ‘designer babies’ concepts. Here are three ways in which DNA will change how we work on a bio and technological level;

Nanotech Designer Nanotechnology is believed to be a great way to transform healthcare in the following years. Nanomedicines will be customised to treat each individual patient, and the treatment will be tied to their own DNA. Synthetic biologists, who will be responsible for designing the treatment, will become greatly needed.

Human Organ Designer A lot of people are convinced that we are just a step away from being able to produce artificial custom-fit organs for humans. To become real heroes in the medical world, Human Organ Designers will need to have extensive knowledge of bioelectronics, bioengineering and design, on top of the ability to manage the whole design and implementation process for tailored human organs.

BioTech “DNA” Designer As major corporations like Google, Amazon and Microsoft struggle to make enough investment in ‘exabyte’ storage, it appears that we are about to crack the code on DNA data storage. DNA coding should become the most efficient means of data storage known to mankind, and BioTech Designers will be in high-demand.


In today’s world, with the Internet of Things and data streaming through products in order to operate, it will never be so important for designers, engineers and developers to work together in cohesion.

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