An Inspiring Leader with over 200 Design Awards under His Belt

10 August 2016

In 1984, Brian Stephens and his partner decided to fill in a gap in the market and set up an agency focused on design in Co. Wicklow. From these beginnings, Design Partners have evolved to a design leader recognised across the globe.

For over three decades, the agency has been delivering foundational product design for the world’s most admired and ambitious brands such as Logitech, HP, Dell, Hollister, Phillip Morris and many more.

When Brian says he has been recognised by all of the major international design awards, he means literally; himself and his team have won over 200 international design awards (including iF, Red Dot, and the Good Design Awards) and their work has become a part of the MoMA Collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2011, Brian Stephens was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute of Designers in Ireland.


The innovative Screwpull Activ Ball corkscrew has become an award-winning industry icon

Brian strongly believes in the role of design in all areas. Prior to the foundation of Design Partners, he spent his formative years working in GK design in Tokyo where among other things he helped design a tiny car designed specifically for Japanese urban spaces. Currently, he is applying design principles proven in the consumer space into user applications in both medical and professional categories.


The ARC InstaTemp discretely takes the temperature of a sick child whether they are sleeping, watching TV or playing a game


Bemo (made for Logitech) is a powerful little camera that can be worn or carried by the user without fear of breaking


Logitech gaming products have become a massive success among gamers around the world

In his talk at UXDX, Brian will explore the vital link between the physical artefact and the digital experience. With his great experience of leading a successful cross functional team for decades, he will discuss how to set up your creative program for success.