Top 10 Developer Jobs of the Future

12 August 2016

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

  • Abraham Lincoln

Early August we released a post around The Most Important Design Jobs of the Future. This week we take a look at the developer world and the top 10 developer jobs you need to prepare for in the future.

As technologies emerge at warp speed, there is no doubt developer jobs will stay in high demand in the next few decades. Entrepreneurs across the world are trying to transform the world but this won’t be possible without brilliant developers building the products. What are the key technology areas that will rock the future and what should your next career step look like? Here are 10 predictions to future-proof your developer career:

1) Javascript Developers

“Software is eating the world, the web is eating software, and JavaScript rules the web.”

  • Eric Elliott

With the advent of universal, progressive web-apps the holy grail of write once run everywhere applications is starting to appear. On top of this React Native is showing that the same code can be run on the web, ios or android. While Javascript is derided by many, its popularity, and maturing ecosystem, mean it is becoming a go-to language. As far as the future goes, the one guarantee is that there will be a new framework and every company will be looking for developers with that skill set. The cycle has repeated from jQuery to Backbone to Angular to React to The Next Big Thing! Maybe you know the answer and will become the one who will write the new and shiny framework.

2) Full Stack Developers

UXDX is all about the merging of UX and DX (developer experience) skills and one constant in technology over the past few decades is the ability to build of complex projects with less people. These days the focus has been on multidisciplinary developers and the trend is only going to keep growing. As part of a lean team, developers are expected to be able to help out at any level of the stack in order to remove the bottlenecks of handovers. In future the demands are only going to increase with a large number of companies are already looking for full stack developers with UX experience.

3) Data scientist

Data scientists requires a mixture of multidisciplinary skills ranging from mathematics, computer science, statistics, and even business. The industry refers to Data Scientists as “unicorns” for their rarity, but the demand in this field is increasing. In fact, the area of Big Data is growing above 50% annually and there will be need to find optimal solutions to lot of problems lying ahead. Technology and tooling will reduce the barrier to entry but honing up on your mathematics won’t hurt.


4) DevOps Engineer

DevOps has already gathered huge support with even non-traditional companies getting on the bandwagon (link to Christian McHugh Interview). The promise of frequent deployments, or even up to hundreds of deployments per day (link to Intercom interview), is that companies can get products in front of their customers quickly and shorten the learning cycle. Successful DevOps Engineers will need to possess a combination of automation, coding, business, organisational, and interpersonal skills to make lives of fellow software development engineers easier. If you are already moving towards this area, you’re heading for a bright future.

5) Cloud Development Engineer

Cloud computing saves a lot of time and hassle - with the effect that operations departments are shrinking rapidly in many companies. However cloud computing does not solve all of the problems that traditional operations departments managed. Cloud engineers will be expected to support product teams by providing guidance on the range of services on offer, including new services like server-less computing, as well as managing authentication and governance to ensure that that the company remains secure and compliant with necessary regulatory bodies. As more companies look to reap the benefits of cloud computing the demand for professionals with cloud management skills is expected to rise exponentially.

6) Security engineer

The spotlight on security and the increasingly malicious nature of cyberattacks have created new opportunities for IT heroes who try to protect companies in a constantly changing ecosystem. From Whatsapp end-to-end encryption we use every day to quantum computing cryptography we will most likely need in the future, cybersecurity is becoming one of the hottest areas to work in.

7) IoT Developer

Did you know that we are shooting for 10 million Internet of Things developers by 2020? If this number is even remotely accurate, then you want to put yourself in the best position possible to benefit from this IoT boom. Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, who are leading the space for connected intelligence, says “there is a rapidly growing role for technology that is at once transformative, unprecedented and accessible.” From smart gadgets to smart cities, be the talent driving it.

8) Distributed System Architect

Distributed systems are a growing branch of software development popularised by Netflix and its chaos monkey. Distributed systems encompass everything from distributed (micro)services to distributed databases to delegated proof networks such as Blockchain (the technology created to support bitcoin). Distributed computing skills have been recently selected as no.1 on LinkedIn’s top job skills, and there is no doubt this area is poised for even more rapid growth.


9) VR/AR Developer

If you want to build the future of gaming, entertainment, storytelling, education, or even health care, look no further. The current limited possibilities of virtual and augmented reality will become limitless in the future and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be at the heart of it.

10) AI/Machine Learning Developer

Whether AI will herald the end of the world, or will end all of the world’s problems is up for debate. But what is not up for debate is that investment will continue in all things AI. Machine learning skill sets are growing in demand and will keep continuing. And this could be the safest bet - a good AI could probably replace all of the jobs above anyway!

With the tech world changing so fast, it’s really challenging to predict the future. We cannot pretend our crystal ball is any better than yours and we would love to know your opinion. What do you think is the next big development job of the future? Tweet us your thoughts @uxdxconf #futuredev

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David Boundy, Director of IoT at Intel, will present at UXDX

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