Want to attend UXDX? Here's how to Convince Your Boss!

23 September 2016

We don’t have to sell you on the idea of going to UXDX Conf, but we suspect you may need to ask your manager or supervisor. For those, who might need a little help with this, we have prepared a stock letter that will convince even the most skeptical bosses. Feel free to customise the email below as you see fit, or just copy and paste and send it to your boss!

Hi {Insert Your Boss’s Name},

I wish to attend UXDX Conf (www.uxdxconf.com), taking place in RDS, Dublin on 2 November. It is the key event on product development and teamwork in Ireland, hosting 15 international speakers representing world-renowned companies.

UXDX has 3 key goals:

1. Deliver real case-study examples from global thought leaders

2. Show how companies can improve product delivery and remove the bottleneck of handovers with cross functional teams.

3. Help increase team effectiveness and improve collaboration and performance among of Design, UX, Dev, QA and Product Owners.

I will benefit from attending this event, but so will our company. Some of the benefits for our team include:

  • A unique opportunity to hear from international leaders, who are sharing their experience on how to improve team efficiencies and speed to market.

  • Learning from real success stories means we will save time and money actioning proven strategies that have been tested in the market.

  • I’ll have the chance to interact with over 400 developers, designers and people in product where I can find out how they are overcoming similar challenges to us.

  • I will come back inspired, bringing back new ideas to action with the team. I am happy to produce a presentation or report for the rest of the team following the conference.

The price point is awesome - at €240 ex vat for a ticket, it’s a steal compared to other conferences in Ireland and Europe. I assure you it will pay for itself many times over. Our company deserves to be represented and I think I’m the person for job!

Best Wishes, {Your Name}

As we all know, time is precious, thus we kept this short and sweet. We hope that helps. See you on the 2nd November in RDS!