Thank You for 2016, Onwards for 2017!

Rory Madden | 21 November 2016

“There is no other conference like it, bringing together design and development with a clear overarching focus on the customer experience.” Ian Goode, Creative Director, Axonista

472 people, 15 countries, 19 thought leaders on stage. All stakeholders involved in product development - designers, developers, project and product managers and marketers - met up on November 2nd at UXDX to find out how to work better together and accelerate the success of their products.

“Too often design and development are considered independent of one another, UXDX shows us that the real magic is in the middle.” Gemma Cagney, Software Developer, Accenture

There are not enough words to express our thanks to all of you who made UXDX such an incredible experience including our sponsors, speakers, volunteers and you - our attendees. Special thanks to Comtrade, our platinum sponsor, for keeping our attendees refreshed throughout the day and to Frontend, our gold sponsor, for all the support.

We’ve been going over your feedback for the last two weeks analysing what went right and what we can improve upon next year. Based on your feedback we’re expanding to two stages to provide an opportunity to drill down deeper into UX (user experience) and DX (developer experience) topics. Watch this space for announcement of an entire day of workshops and in-depth learning…

While we are working on delivering UXDX 2017, enjoy some pictures from UXDX 2016.

Want to experience UXDX next year? The dates for UXDX 2017 have been set already to October 5th. Get our opening offer of 2 for 1 here and join us next year!